How Plex, A Leading Streaming Provider, Reinvented Their Data Culture and Saved Their Analysts Hours of Time

How Plex, A Leading Streaming Provider,  Reinvented Their Data Culture and Saved Their Analysts Hours of Time

Plex, a premier streaming service, effortlessly delivers movies, TV shows, and music across a multitude of devices. With an immense amount of data to manage, keeping up with daily fluctuations can be an arduous undertaking. By choosing Comparative, Plex empowered their team of analysts and business users to instantly identify meaningful changes in their data and upgraded the way their business teams interact with data on a daily basis.

Growing Backlog and Business User Demands Increasing

Despite having a strong data infrastructure and adopting the latest tools, Plex faced several major challenges with existing BI solutions due to the complexity of setup, time-consuming dashboard creation, and a lack of user-friendly interfaces:

  • Low business user adoption: Business teams couldn't easily access the answers they needed from their data.
  • Overworked analysts: Analysts spent so much time building dashboards to keep up with business questions, finding time to tackle their high-impact projects became impossible as backlogs continued to grow.

Plex's forward-thinking analyst team sought a solution that would not only enable business users to easily understand why their metrics were changing, but also free them from analyst backlogs.

The Transformation from Intensive Dashboard Building and Low Adoption to Streamlined Analytics and High Adoption

Comparative provided the perfect solution for Plex. It helped them solve two major challenges:

  1. Driving business user data adoption. “Comparative has transformed the ease and speed in which I can use our data. Other BI and dashboard tools were just simply too complex and time intensive to get answers," says Dan Calzone, Director of Growth. "But with Comparative, it's like having a personal data analyst at my fingertips. I can finally answer not just what happened but why, without waiting hours or days for a new dashboard to be created."
  2. Saving analysts time."Comparative allows me to get an instant read on our daily performance," says Michelle Bellettiere, Head of Data Analytics at Plex. "It allows me to understand in minutes information that could take hours to track down in our other tools. On a weekly basis, it saves me between 3-6 hours of time."

A Day in the Life:
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The value of Comparative becomes more apparent through a single-day example of its application.

Why Plex's New Registrations on Primary Device Partner Suddenly Dropped by 20%

One day, Plex noticed a significant 20% decline in new registrations on Primary Device Partner. They needed to quickly understand the driving factors behind the change. Plex's business leads and analysts opened their Comparative dashboard to instantly find the reasons for the drop.

Uncovering the Cause: What Drove Plex's Decrease in New Users on Primary Device Partner

By examining their Comparative dashboard, the Plex team discovered that the number of new users on Primary Device Partner had decreased by 5.87%. This indicated that the drop in new registrations resulted from fewer new users on the Primary Device Partner platform.

Plex then dove deeper into the dashboard and found that the conversion rate of new users to registered users on Primary Device Partner had dropped by 15.51%.

This significant decline raised concerns. The team immediately investigated their data to understand the cause.

With just a few more clicks in the Comparative dashboard, it became apparent that the conversion rate was declining across all traffic sources. This meant that the issue was not related to any specific marketing campaign. By ruling out marketing campaigns, the team knew the problem was Primary Device Partner-specific and required the product team's attention.

The Plex team realized that the Primary Device Partner platform was not up to par with other platforms. Technical glitches on Primary Device Partner impacted the user experience, resulting in a drop in conversion rate. Plex's development team immediately addressed the technical issues on the Primary Device Partner platform. The fixes were deployed within a week, and the results were immediate. The conversion rate started to revert to normal, and the number of registrations began to pick up again.

“The focus on impact on our most important KPIs helps us to get a quick read and stay closer to the data without sacrificing other priorities. Comparative makes it clear at a glance if there is cause for celebration or concern.” - Michelle Bellettiere, Head of Data Analytics

Plex's swift action in identifying and resolving the issue affecting the conversion rate on Primary Device Partner is a testament to the importance of data analysis and quick action in maintaining the health of a business. And this wouldn't have been possible without Comparative.

By uncovering the root cause of the problem and taking decisive action to fix it, Plex was able to bounce back from a 20% drop in new registrations on Primary Device Partner and regain the trust of its users.

"The drill-in feature has allowed these dashboards to be my Twitter replacement. When I can't sleep in the middle of the night, I just take a look at what's going on and then keep drilling and be like, 'Oh, that's interesting.' So no more [social media] doom scrolling; I will instead have to coin a phrase for metrics scrolling."
      - Michelle Bellettiere, Head of Data Analytics

About Plex

Plex is a popular streaming service that allows users to access and stream their favorite movies, TV shows, and music from multiple devices. With its user-friendly interface, Plex has become a favorite streaming platform for cord-cutters and entertainment enthusiasts worldwide. Plex offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it an attractive option for users looking to enhance their streaming experience.

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